Writings Featured on “Arts & Letters Daily” website (aldaily.com)


"The Experiment" (review of Carolyn Eichner, The Paris Commune: A Brief History), The Nation, November 28, 2022.


"Two Cheers for Presentism" The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 23, 2022.


“Distant Moments” (review of Joan Scott, The Judgment of History), The Nation, May 9-16, 2022.


“Web of Connections” (review of Emma Rothschild, An Infinite History: The Story of a Family in France over Three Centuries), The Nation, September 6-13, 2021.


"Methods of Power” (review of Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present), The Nation, April 19-26, 2021.


"Lost Bearings" (review of Adam Gopnik, A Thousand Small Vanities), The Nation, July 1-8, 2019.


“Daniel Bell at 100,” Dissent magazine online, May 10, 2019.


“An Equal Say?” (review of Sophia Rosenfeld, Truth and Democracy: A Short History), The Nation, February 11-18, 2019.


“The Many Lives of Liberalism” (review of Dan Edelstein, On the Spirit of Rights, Helena Rosenblatt, The Lost History of Liberalism, and James Miller, Can Democracy Work?), The New York Review of Books, January 17, 2019.


“Little Spartas” (review of Mike Rapport, The Unruly City: Paris, London and New York in the Age of Revolution), The Nation. February 12, 2018.


“History’s Black Hole” (review of Timothy Snyder, Black Earth), The National Interest, September-October, 2015.


“The Humanist as Hero” (review of Jean Guéhenno, Diary of the Dark Years, 1940-1944), The New Republic, October 13, 2014.


“The Bourgeois Eric Hobsbawm” (review of Eric Hobsbawm, Fractured Times), The National Interest, September-October, 2014.


“The Trump of War” (review of Frederick Brown, The Embrace of Unreason: France, 1914-1940, The New Republic, June 9, 2014.


“Inglorious Revolutions,” The National Interest, no. 129, Jan.-Feb., 2014, pp. 31-38.


“Poker Lessons From Richelieu: A Portrait of the Statesman as Gambler” (review of Jean-Vincent Blanchard, Eminence: Cardinal Richelieu and the Rise of France), Foreign Affairs, vol. 91, no. 2 (March/April 2012), pp. 156-60.


“Political Columnists Think America Is In Decline. Big Surprise.” The New Republic online, October 5, 2010.


“Was Tolstoy Right?” (review of Dominic Lieven, Russia Against Napoleon), The Book: An Online Review at the New Republic, May 12, 2010.


“Visions” (review of Larissa Juliet Taylor, The Virgin Warrior), The Book: An Online Review at the New Republic, January 11, 2010.


“The Mirror of History” (review of John Burrow, A History of Histories), Slate.com, April 14, 2008.


“Bicycle History” (review of Graham Robb, The Discovery of France), The New Republic, February 13, 2008.


“Just Like Us” (review of Steven Englund, Napoleon: A Political Life), The New Republic, May 17, 2004. 


“Words and Tumbrels” (review of Sophia Rosenfeld, A Revolution in Language), The New Republic, November 26, 2001.

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